The Association was founded on February 12th, 2016. Its scope of action covers the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Island and its main objectives are: the creation of a centralized Mycoteca of Ibero-insular cortinarii; the presentation of new species; the discussion of critical or novel taxa; the communication with other societies that share similar objectives and other matters with them related.

A preferential objective is the integration of the Ibero-insular cortinarii in the European Council for Conservation of Fungi (ECCF) for the preparation of future European and Iberian Red List, contacting and exchanging information with other groups and institutions.

New Membership: To acquire the status of new membership, it’s necessary submit your candidature by a current partner and it will be considered to be approved by consensus of the rest of the partners.

The expression language is Spanish, but because we don’t like to hurt feelings in this complex language community the expression in any other language will be respected. However, it must be accompanied by a summary in Castilian Spanish.