Cortinarius catalenensis

Cortinarius catalanensis Ballarà, Mahiques & Garrido-Benavent, en Moixeró, 11, p. 40 (2019)
Basionimio: Cortinarius catalanensis Ballarà, Mahiques & Garrido-Benavent 2019
Diagnosis original: Basidiocarps slender, with pilei 25–55 mm wide, tinged with different shades of brown, darker when hydrated, hygrophanous;stipes ochraceous to pale brown with abundant white universal veil. Basidiospores resembling that of boletoid fungi in shape, with a Q (mean length/width ratio) = 2, and densely ornamented. Growing in a subalpine Pinus uncinata and Rhododendron ferrugineum mixed forest on acidic soil.
Holotypus: SPAIN: Barcelona, Saldes (Berguedà), Serra d’Encija, Barranc d’Encija, 2073 m a.s.l., 42º11’18» N, 01º46’09» E, UTM 31TCG9871; growing in the very limit of the subalpine and alpine mountain belts, in a mixed Pinus uncinata and Rhododendron ferrugineum forest, on acidic soil, 10 September 2018, leg. J. Ballarà (personal herbarium code JB-9741-18); holotype deposited in herbarium of the Royal Botanical Garden (Real Jardín Botánico, RJB) of Madrid, with the collection number MA-Fungi-90479. GenBank accession number for the ITS sequence: MK816385.
Tipo: MA:90479  holotipo

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